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About RaMax(High CRI Tech)


RaMax, a GLBTECH's high CRI LED product brand, means
maximizing values of each color from R1 to R15 of CRI. The higher the
CRI from R1 to R15, the more natural the colors appear so the lighting
with high CRI is recognized as the best lighting because it protects
sight by easing eye strain and reproduces exact color.
Now, GLBTECH has technology that realizes the world’s best CRI
and will lead global high CRI market
with our RaMax brand.

CRI is...


The color rendering index(CRI) is a measure that indicates how colors will be accurately reflected under a artificial light source in comparison with color reproduction in natural daylight. It is measured on a scale from 0 to 100 and the unit is Ra. As it’s getting closer to 100, the artificial light source emits light close to sunlight and makes things look more natural. The general CRI is derived from results for standard colors (R1 to R8) and other six special colors (R9 to R15) provide more detailed information on the color rendering properties of light source. Especially, the “red” test color R9 plays an important role in medicine, since it must distinguish the various shades of red with tissues and blood and also the “skin color” test color R13 is very important in the area of skin treatment and cosmetics.

True of CRI

The actual CRI number is only calculated by taking average of R1-R8 values and it does not include average of special colors R9-R15 values. However, in fact, it needs to increase the average of R9-R15 to have good color rendering properties of a artificial light source. It is especially more important for increasing the values of R9 and R12 but it is not easy to raise them. Our RaMax products have the world’s highest levels of R9 and R12 as well as R1 to R8 so express the closest colors to the natural colors and also give comfort and relaxation that reduce eye fatigue.


    General White LED CRI Values


    GLBTECH White LED CRI Values

Global High CRI Technology Comparison

Item HID Halogen GLBTECH Company "X" Company "Y"
50~57lm/W 10~17lm/W 90~140lm/W 42~52lm/W 65~75lm/w
Color Temp.(K) 3,000~4,000 2,500~3,050 2,200~7,200 2,700~4,000 2,500~5,000
CRI (R1~R8)
Avg. (Ra)
81/92 98 98 96 95
R9 - 98 95 96 95
R12 - 98 95 88 91
CRI (R9~R15)
Avg. (Ra)
- 98 95 92 93
Life Time
10,000~12,000 3,000~6,000 50,000 50,000 50,000
High Intensity
Halogen Lamp Blue chip
White LED PKG+
Phosphor Sheet
UV chip + Phosphor
Goods LAMP LAMP PKG, COB Module COB Module PKG
RoHs Non-Free Non-Free Free Free UV Non-Free
TLCI N/A 98 98 N/A N/A

GLBTECH's Strengths

  • The highest efficiency of the High CRI LED products
  • Global Top Color Rendering (R1~R8: 98 Ra, R9&R12: 95, All R1~R15 > 90)
  • Wide CCT control (2200K~ 7200K)
  • Significantly lower price than the competitors
  • Long lifespan (5 years warranty)
  • Environment- friendly (UV free, Pb free and RoHs compliant)